Le Télégramme x Poool

Grow the number of digital subscribers and increase revenue from online content


Plenty of ideas, but not enough flexibility to act on them

Like many press companies, the main goal for ‘Le Télégramme’ is to turn as many readers as possible into subscribers.

In 2018, they were already using a metered paywall which was owned and integrated through CMS. This paywall allowed the Télégramme to maintain a continuity in their publicity revenues until the end of the year, all the while introducing their readers to the idea of paying for content online and building a base of digital subscribers.

The marketing teams had various ideas to boost their digital revenues but the paywall model that was being used (a ‘static’ paywall) was very limited:

  • Marketing teams didn’t have the autonomy needed to adapt paywall strategies based on the type of content and the reader profile
  • Any alterations to the paywall took a while to be implemented and cost a significant amount

Télégramme therefore decided to integrate Poool Access, the dynamic paywall solution, on their site. Their aim was to use this tool to boost the number of subscriptions and users on their site without negatively impacting their publicising revenues.


The marketing team personalized Poool Access, adapting the reader journeys to match their goals.

Integrating the paywall into their web and mobile site was simple and took only a couple of weeks. Télégramme then put their strategies to work, each one adapted to the type of content and the profile of their reader.

For example, paywall rules differentiated based on the likelihood of a reader to subscribe:

  • For volatile readers with a low inclination to subscribe, the goal was to encourage them to discover content and so maximize engagement and so revenues from publicity
  • For readers who appeared to have an inclination to subscribe but weren’t yet persuaded, the Télégramme encouraged them to create an account or to sign up to a newsletter. This allowed readers to discover more content and the Télégramme to increase user engagement
  • For readers with a strong inclination to subscribe, the Télégramme adapted messages on the paywall and showed these readers offers that were the most likely to turn them into a subscriber

In the end, Télégramme had created nearly 20 custom-built segments and just as many user journeys which personalized their relationship with readers. For example:

  • An offer adapted to former subscribers
  • Offers which were tailor-made for subscribers
  • Custom-made journeys for young readers and those who came from Facebook


More digital subscribers and increased revenue per user

Just a few months after having implemented their new strategy with Poool Access, Le Télégramme had succeeded in increasing the reader to subscriber conversion rate by 84% as well as maximizing the collection of possible leads, the engagement of users and the revenues from publicity.

Specifically, between 2018 and 2019, Le Télégramme achieved:

84% increase in conversion from reader to digital subscriber
75% more account creations
100% increase in sign-ups to the newsletter