L'Avenir x Poool

From test & learn to the implementation of an efficient compensation strategy


2 months to a better understanding of the audience’s behaviour

After 5 years of testing numerous paywalls -freemium or metered-, L’Avenir wanted to rethink their conversion strategies. Poool’s user-centered approach, including reader engagement analysis and optimization of revenue per user, is what convinced the belgian media to choose our solution, a dynamic alternative to classic paywalls.

We dedicated 2 months to observing various audience behaviors in order to eventually adopt an effective strategy. Study results made understanding readers' reactions when facing a paywall easier as well as seeing how they behaved before they subscribed. They showed us that the readers had very different levels of engagement, depending on their profile. Overall, this enhanced L'Avenirs indepth understanding of their readers.


Increased value of premium content and a more qualified audience

Our study revealed a substantial loss between the number of paywall displays and the discovery of the subscription page. 94% of the audience was made up of fly-by readers who were not very engaged. Moreover, premium articles, be they locked and incomplete, were even less consumed. On the other hand, the number of articles read before subscribing was very high. Unfortunately, at this stage, a lot of readers were leaving the website...

Engagement clearly was a key concept to monetize and boost subscriptions on L’Avenir's. To begin with, a decision was made to:

  • split the audience depending on engagement level to offer the most adapted compensation choice
  • implement a progressive paywall to engage users not yet ready to subscribe
  • discover alternative compensation choices that create business value, like surveys, adverts, newsletter subscriptions and ad blocker detection
  • A/B test all these possible strategies to prioritize knowledge over faith

After this, L’Avenir decided to slightly increase the ratio of premium articles in order to highlight the website content, convert more people without frightening fly-by readers... A major decision in the strategy optimization!

Since then, with the help of our product team and the results of the study, the marketing team easily put in place scenarios for customized access to content, depending on the engagement segment: fly-by, occasional, regular readers or fans.


With Poool, L’Avenir have acquired more subscribers

Thanks to a better understanding of their audience and the implementation of bespoke journeys without any technical constraints, KPIs for subscription, engagement and advertising revenues significantly increased.

+75% of compensation actions achieved by readers
no impact on general engagement
more than 150.000 answers to surveys to sharpen market understanding

Our clients testify

Poool’s dynamic paywall was extremely simple to use, giving us the agility needed to quickly test the benefits of personalized journeys for each of our different audience segments. The fact that this tool could integrate into our DMP meant that we could optimize client journeys based on our objectives - from our most volatile readers, enriching our understanding of clients through a Datawall, to our regulars and fans who we aimed to convert into satisfied subscribers. We strongly recommend the expertise and support that the team at Poool brings.

Laurent Charles, Manager of strategy and data, Editions de l'Avenir.