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Our customers testify

We are very satisfied with the benefits that Poool have brought us and they’ve always been available whenever we need them. Poool give technical help, recommend the implementation or alteration of scenarios, and, thanks to their experience in this domain, have transformed our marketing practices.

Alexandre JAS, Head of Digital Marketing & Product, Lagardère News / JDD & Paris Match

After installing Poool Access, we very quickly noticed a sharp increase in the number of subscriptions - within 2 months, we had doubled the number of subscribers on our site. The product is very quickly implemented due to its simplicity, which also makes the platform easy to use. Help is always given though when needed, with a rapid response time. Thanks to Poool, we, as the marketing team, have been able to gain independence and so agility. We can now quickly and easily set up new scenarios which leads to an increase in the number of subscriptions.

Mélanie Hartmann, Web Marketing, Paris Normandie

Poool Access was integrated with ease, in the same way as a Google tag. The team at Poool were very responsive and configured the product quickly with clear documentation provided for us to understand and manage the paywall.

Julien Zanardelli, Web developer, Tageblatt

Poool’s dynamic paywall was extremely simple to use, giving us the agility needed to quickly test the benefits of personalized journeys for each of our different audience segments. The fact that this tool could integrate into our DMP meant that we could optimize client journeys based on our objectives - from our most volatile readers, enriching our understanding of clients through a Datawall, to our regulars and fans who we aimed to convert into satisfied subscribers. We strongly recommend the expertise and support that the team at Poool brings.

Laurent Charles, Manager of strategy and data, Editions de l'Avenir

Paywalls are by far the most important point of contact with possible online subscribers. Conscious of this, the diversity of our users and the complexity of our relationship with them, we wanted to make the most out of a paywall with the help of experienced specialists. Easy to integrate and configure, the Access tool allowed us to put our first scenarios into practice on our site in only a few days. Aside from the tool, which we now manage independently, the team at Poool actively support us, quickly respond to our questions and share their experience. This tool has a vast potential and we plan to work with Poool for a long time to ensure that we continue to create and recreate our paywall as an indispensable brick in the development of our user engagement journey.

Gael Meunier, Head of data & Digital product analysis, La Voix du Nord

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Where there’s a strategy, there’s a method.


Introducing a premium strategy

This is a difficult obstacle to overcome and should be done slowly and smoothly so as to retain readers. No need to worry about this though, blocking content is neither risky nor problematic when you can create, test and progressively introduce a paywall to your audience.


Increase the number of account-holders

In general, readers who have logged-in on your site generate a higher ARPU than other readers. As a result, encouraging account creation will help to boost understanding and retention of your audience as well as monetization. Our solution allows you to progressively introduce a register wall to your articles in a way that won’t detriment the user experience.


Convert readers through understanding their behavior

Personalize your paywall strategy based on the proneness of a reader to subscribe. Work out when the right moment is to offer subscription, a discovery pass or to simply leave them to discover more content. This will allow you to optimize your engagement and conversion tunnels.


Increase the number of premium articles on your site

The impact of even a small increase in the number of blocked content on your site can be huge. By balancing this increase with more calculated access-to-content rules, you can control the potential frustration for readers, leading to positive results in terms of engaging your audience and acquiring subscribers.


Offer free passes for readers to discover content

Some of your audience will be engaged with your content already but won’t yet be ready to move to subscription. Use our ‘Discovery pass’ widget to give your readers a chance to discover your premium content across a few days. It’s a win-win situation as they will be able to try out your subscription package whilst you can show them what you have on offer.


Simplify the payment process

Even though a reader has clicked on a link to discover the subscription offers, the rate of abandoning the subscription process is still high. Our widgets allow readers to subscribe fully or fill out half of the details in the paywall itself, which will optimize the rate of conversion.


Engage your most volatile readers

In general, volatile readers who want to access content reserved for subscribers simply leave the website. This is often because the step from free to paid content is too large. By offering a one-off, discovery trial of your premium content, you can create a long-term relationship with them as your reader.


Recommend the right subscription offer

Turning a user into a subscriber is a real challenge. If an engaged reader appears interested in your premium content, it’s important that you find the most fitting offer for them in order to maximise the chance that they want to subscribe. Not sure which is best for them? Run an A/B test and choose the offer most suited to their reader profile.


Monetize even from your most volatile readers

Some volatile readers aren’t ready to subscribe yet. If they are faced with a hard paywall, they could just leave the site straight away. However, thanks to our widgets and the compensation choices that they offer, you can maximise the value of this reader segment who represent a valuable part of your audience.

The best strategy is one that is adapted to your media, your audience and your objectives.

The team here at Poool are ready to help you to construct and optimize the perfect strategy for you.