The dynamic paywall designed for and with publishers.

Poool Access is a dynamic paywall solution which allows you to create tight and lasting connections with your readers, offering them personalized compensation choices in order to access your content.

Poool Access conforms to RGPD and browsers’ confidentiality rules.
A dashboard for publishers

The easy-to-use dashboard allows you to segment your audience, create scenarios, edit widgets and view statistics from your paywall.

Widgets for readers

Attractive and personalizable, widgets present readers with various compensation choices in order to access content.

An open ecosystem

Our SaaS solution will be integrated into your digital ecosystem and can be easily linked to any tools that you use, including CRM, Data and Analytics.

As easy as ABC

Quickly integrated into your system by technical teams, Poool Access can then be passed on to marketing teams. They will be able to manage the dynamic paywall independently, using it to test reader revenue strategies.

1. Dashboard

Used by your team to manage the dynamic paywall.

The dashboard is a tool available to both marketing and technical teams. It will allow you to configure how Poool Access functions on your site, A/B test various paywall strategies as well as analyze data collected from audience segments.

Autonomy for marketing teams

A SaaS solution that gives the power back to marketing teams, allowing them to easily make changes to the monetization or engagement strategies.

Define and A/B test scenarios

Publishers can create scenarios and A/B tests for the different reader segments, with data appearing in the statistics section ready for analysis of their performance.

Native and custom segmentation

Poool Access divides your audience based on native engagement cohorts. However, publishers can create their own segments from any third party tools used.

New possibilities for reader-media relations

Our dynamic paywall can transform into a data or register wall, with Newsletter, Discovery Pass, Surveys or Form widgets.

Easily integrated into the digital media ecosystem

Poool Access is not only AMP compatible, but we’ve also partnered up with other data solutions meaning that we can offer you various connections with third-parties.


Dashboars features

  • checkCreate reader widgets
  • checkCustomize graphic design features
  • checkCustomize messages
  • checkSegment your audience
  • checkConfigure journeys for each segment
  • checkA/B test journeys
  • checkExhaustive statistics
  • checkCollect and export email addresses
  • checkAmend surveys and export results
  • checkManage your users
  • checkChoose between 2 designs

2. Widgets

Readers interact with these in order to unlock your articles.

A widget offers readers personalized compensation choices in order to unlock an article. Each action is designed around your objectives, whether that be engagement, monetization, understanding your audience, encouraging account creation, gaining subscribers...

Attractive compensation choices

Our widgets come in a range of different compensation choices. A reader will be presented with one which they can choose to follow in order to access content.

Commited to protect personal data

Poool Access not only conforms with RGPD but also adheres to the strict regulations of web browsers. We only collect what’s needed and do this in a transparent manner.

Turn frustration into satisfaction

Readers will no longer come face-to-face with a wall but instead, an easy-to-cross bridge, leading them to premium content. The foundations of a new reader-media relation!

A solution that fits in anywhere

Our customization options allow you to integrate Poool Access in a way that adapts it to fit with your brand on all devices, including desktop, mobiles and even AMP.

Highly optimized widgets

The two widget template options have been designed, tested and implemented in a way that is accessible, effective and persuasive for you readers.

  • checkGive a free article to gain interest
  • checkEncourage visits to a URL
  • checkAsk questions to understand your audience
  • checkSuggest newsletter subscription
  • checkShow them an advertisement
  • checkSuggest or require subscription
  • checkPresent readers with a form widget
  • checkOffer a simplified subscription sign-up
  • checkRequire an account to be created
  • checkSuggest a 24h or 7-day discovery pass
  • checkAutomatically unlock an article
  • checkOptional Adblock detection
  • checkManage flux VAST video
  • checkOptimise web design for mobile devices
  • checkComply with RGPD for forms
  • checkAvailable on Google AMP

Choosing Poool Access means benefiting from...

A simple and informed solution

Technical integration in an average of a week

Regular follow-ups from our team

Our team are there for you through every stage of your project.

Contactable at all times

A reply in less than 10 minutes thanks to our online chat.

Tried-and-tested methods

A response time of around 20ms and an uptime of 99.56% over the last 3 months.

A transparent relationship

No commitments, no startup fees, and more than 95% client loyalty.

Respect of personal data

Collection of the bare minimum and in a totally transparent manner.

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Did you know?

We also accompany publishers in defining and implementing their paywall strategy.

As the strategic and operational partner for publishers, Underlines, Poool’s sister brand offers expert support that is both practical and adapted to your needs.