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May 20, 2020 — Open world

💫 New features
  • Third-party connectors

    You were waiting for them, they are finally here!

    In continuation of our approach of openness with the different media ecosystems, we integrated three new external third-party connectors in your dashboard settings.

    You can now save emails registered through any newsletter widget directly in your Mailchimp lists, any app listed in Zapier, or even into a webhook for advanced custom behavior:

    To activate them, go to Access > Settings and connect your accounts by clicking on the links available there.

  • Modifying the score parameters from the dashboard

    You can now modify the algorithm parameters directly from your dashboard. The default mode is RFM, but you can now switch to Frequency mode if you want to calculate your engagement cohorts solely using sessions:

    You can find in the same place a few paragraphs explaining the main principles of these methods:

  • Two-factor authentication

    For added security, you can now activate two-factor authentication on your dashboard by going to the My account section:

  • Copy your apps

    No more manual copying of scenarios and parameters! We have added the possibility of making a complete copy of an app in just push a button:

  • New paywall function: variables

    You can now create {variables} that will be automatically replaced in all texts of the paywall.

    Read the paywall documentation to find out how to use them.

    In addition, thanks to this new feature, advanced users of the dashboard who also integrate the AMP part of the paywall can directly use the {amp_reader_id} and {amp_source_url} variables in their login or even subscription urls!

  • New events available on the paywall: onReady, onPaywallSeen & onDiscoveryLinkClick

    In order to best cover all the use cases in the media environment, we have added three new JS events to the paywall: the first ensures that the paywall has been fully loaded and displayed to perform a specific action, the second ensures that the paywall has been seen by the user, and the last one allows you to find out if the user clicked on the main button from the URL discovery button.

    Read the paywall documentation to find out how to use these new events.

🐛 Fixes & improvements
  • Test mode, the come-back!

    You heard about it, we had some problems with the test mode due to the changes we made to better comply with the latest privacy standards brought by Firefox. It’s now ancient history, you can test your scenarios again!

  • onFormSubmit, but even better

    Paywall's onFormSubmit event now allows to display your own error messages when needed. It is way clearer than a generic message! Find out more about the event on our documentation .

  • More info from onRelease

    In addition to widget, the onRelease event now returns actionName.